Rogahn's Keep

Rogahn’s Keep was built by the hero Rogahn at the beginning of the Gold Rush, to guard the northern approach to The Red Mine. After the region became safter, both Rogahn and Zelligar settled there to live. When the left in search of further adventure, their retainer Lathan was left in charge of the Keep.

One of the village’s older widows is fond of telling the following story for anyone who will buy her a drink:

A few years later, Rogahn and Zelligar raised an army and headed South to parts unknown. They were never heard of again, and that’s shame. Well, they left their fortress in the care of Rogahn’s henchman Lathan. Lathan was a decent enough man, but not the mighty warrior that Rogahn was. Rumor has it that some of Zelligar’s experiments got a little out of control in his absence, and Lathan had his hands full just keeping them under control. Bandits and such began to spring up around the area. Out of nowhere comes this demon that Rogahn and Zelligar had slighted, looking for revenge. He was a punk-ass demon, lowest of the low. Torazc he was called. He raised a small army of savage humanoids and laid seige to Rogahn and Zelligar’s fortress. He couldn’t take the fortress, and Lathan couldn’t drive him off. So Torazc invested his army in some caves he dug, and began to tunnel under the fortress. This went on for months and months, then one day Torazc was gone. Flat out vanished. No sign of him. No sign of Lathan either. Torazc’s army mostly dispersed, but a few of the humanoids stayed and made their homes in the caves. Back in the day, they were called The Caves of Chaos.

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Rogahn's Keep

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