New Characters

A spreadsheet that uses our version of Castles and Crusades for counting bonuses is here. Don’t pay attention to the encumbrance sheet there – we’ll fix that soon.

This PDF sums up the differences between the standard version of Castles and Crusades and what we play.

Here’s a pdf of all the relevant rules to role up a new character

To make a new character:
1. Roll Attributes
2. Choose race and class
3. Choose/roll secondary skill
4. Purchase equipment
5. As you prefer, select ethnicity, choose deity, name and why you’ve chosen a career of murder-hoboing.
6. Get ready to roll dice, kill things and take their stuff. Don’t forget to ask the one-armed man in the tavern about how he lost that arm in the dangerous kobold pits of hell, or you could be him someday.

We’re in the World of Greyhawk. This page mentions the prominent human ethnicities and some global history, and this page mentions the heavens of Greyhawk.

New Characters

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