Loot to be Dispositioned

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For Specific Characters:

General Loot

  • Oil of Flaming Weapon — Derringer, Hoftar, Dalgatha, Haruch
  • 3 Ancient Dwarven Battleaxes — Toril, Reynods, Hrulfr
  • Potion of CLW — Haruch, Vidal, Malcolm
  • Silvery Oil, Mtn Dew Potion — Mug, Borri, Hroflr, Bearman Wiles
  • Potion CLW, Scroll of Bless + Silence, Old Flan Scrolls — Jeyya, Hrolfr, Reynolds
  • 2 Potions CLW — Mug, Jeyya, Reynolds, Hrolfr
  • “Valor” pin, scroll of Teleport Without Error — Samra, Belnor, Mug, Hoftar

For the Party Stockpile:

  • Crystal Orb (Derringer, Dalgatha, Danith, Aramis, Wexton)
  • Rod of Pholtus (Dalgatha, Toril, Hoftar, Danith, Hedrick)
  • Shield of Heironeous’ Might (Haruch, Dalgatha, Beauregard)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (Dalgatha, Toril, Hoftar, Balnor)
  • Staff +1 of Undead Command (Dagatha, Toril, Hoftar, Balnor)
  • Ring of Water Breathing (Hoftar, Toril, ???)

Loot to be Dispositioned

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