Hooks for Lee

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To the east of Fort Talmadge, the Red Hand Coast is the habitation of a tribe of kobolds. This spring, they built a catapult on the Red Hand Rock; with it, they sunk a boat returning from an expedition to Tark’s Tower. A rescue effort was mounted; some survivors of the expedition returned, along with a chest from the wreck. Since then, orcs have been seen on the rock. Recent reports from fishermen indicate that they have repaired the kobolds’ scaffolding and are attempting a salvage effort of their own.

Tark’s Tower was a fortress held by the Duke’s son; he died in its defense 50 years ago. The recent expedition went in search of the treasure left behind. Though the ship was wrecked on its return voyage, there were a few survivors. By hearsay, they recovered some items of value and then fled the tower, with monstrous humanoids in hot pursuit.

To the north of the Red Hand Coast is the Golden Plain, an expanse of tall grasses. A couple of brief expeditions have gone here, neither penetrating very far.

Due north of town is the road to Rogahn’s Keep. A number of expeditions have gone to search for the ruins of the keep. By all accounts, they have come close, but never reached their goal. Nonetheless, they have returned with some substantial booty and tales of harrowing dangers.

To the northwest of town rises the great Monastery Hill. Soldiers in the keep claim that they can see fires on the top of the hill at night…or they could, until recently. There are reports of undead creatures crossing the river from that direction, and shepherds have gone in search of other places to graze their flocks. There are reports that an evil dwarven priest made his way from the coast, through the swamp, and toward the hill. Coincidence? Regardless, but the Duke’s governor recently commissioned a party of four adventurers to stem the tide. They departed from Fort Talmadge a few days ago.

The Cabbage Swamp to the west of town has long been the source of periodic trouble for the town; the Duke’s cavalry has difficulties patrolling it. Recently, adventurers have launched several expeditions into the swamp. Some of these have returned with substantial wealth, but the adventurers have been tight lipped about where they found this treasure. Certainly, the swamp goblins that are slain from time to time by the towns’ defenders carry no such wealth.

Recently, a mage from Greyhawk by the name of Rykaar came to town, asking about any local rumors of a place called ‘Amora’. Finding little, he took the next boat back to Greyhawk.

Hooks for Lee

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