Greyhawk Peoples

Our corner of Greyhawk is a melting pot, catching eddy currents from nearby main trade routes and mixing peoples together. Most everyone speaks the common tongue. But Greyhawk does have ethnicities and a long history. If you want, you can choose or roll your appearance based on this chart.

The four prevalent ethnicities are:

  • The Flan, the original inhabitants of this continent. Pureblooded Flan boast a bronze-colored complexion, varying from a light copper shade to a deep brown hue. Eyes are typically dark brown, black, brown, or amber. Their wavy or curly hair is usually black, brown-black, dark brown, or brown
  • The Suloise invaded and migrated through this land, leaving their own after a cataclysmic war with the Baklunish. Purebred Suel typically have pale skin, with albinism being far more common than among other races. Violet and pale blue eyes are common, with gray and deep blue less common. Hair color is fair, from several shades of blond to light red, and is often kinky in texture.
  • The Oeridian also migrated and conquered through the land, with their last migration 600 years ago. Oeridian skin ranges from tan to olive. Their hair ranges the whole spectrum from honey blond to black, although brown and reddish brown predominate. Eye coloration varies, but brown and gray are most common.
  • The Baklunish are the least common ethnicity in the area, having never migrated here in large numbers. Baklunish folk are described in the game world as having golden-hued skin and hair that ranges from blue-black to dark brown. Their eyes are often green or gray-green.

History – to the Current Year, 576 CY.
Suloise invaded the Flanaess, forcing the Flan to flee to the outer edges of the continent. Several centuries later, a new invader appeared, the Oeridians, and they in turn forced the Suloise southward. One tribe of the Oeridians, the Aerdi, began to set up an empire. Several centuries later, the Aerdi’s Great Kingdom ruled most of the Flanaess, though the area around Greyhawk was its far western border. The Aerdi overkings marked the beginning of what they believed would be perpetual peace with Year 1 of a new calendar, the Common Year (CY) Reckoning. However, several centuries later, the Empire became decadent, with their rulers losing their sanity, turning to evil, and enslaving their people. When the overking Ivid V came to the throne, the oppressed peoples rebelled.

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Greyhawk Peoples

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