Fort Talmadge

Fort Talmadge is the chief settlement of the Duchy of South Nyr. It lies at the junction of Tark’s Inlet and Zelligar’s Passage, on an alluvial plain. The soil is rich, and crops grow well. The port has a narrow deep channel for ships of trade, with mud flats on either side. A small fleet of fishing boats, perhaps a dozen, ply the local waters. The village has a surplus of food, but a small one. Trade at the port generally consists of bullion leaving and foodstuffs and other supplies unloading, much of them bound for the mine.

The Old Fort is a building that well predates the Gold Rush. Duke Kerren Firedrake repaired it and built a couple of additional towers to defend the town. He himself resided in the fort for several years.

The population of the village are the settlers from the Gold Rush, and their descendants. It is around 80% human, with all the other races represented in some quantity. The total population is nearly 1000.

Fort Talmadge Shops has a list of the merchants in the town.

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Fort Talmadge

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