Duke Kerren Firedrake

Kerren Firedrake is an aging councilman of Greyhawk City. In his younger days, he helped to outfit the expedition of Rogahn and Zelligar. In return, he was promised sovereignty over any lands they opened up for settlement. In the euphoria of the Gold Rush, he moved his family to Fort Talmadge, settled in The Old Fort, and declared himself “Duke” of the new lands, which he named Duchy of South Nyr.

There are rumors that Rogahn and Zelligar left because relations between themselves and Kerren had broken down. Certainly Kerren is not one to brook disagreement. For a couple of years after the heroes left, Kerren directed his troops in defense of the settlements. After a military disaster at Tark’s Tower where only a shipload of defenders escaped, Kerren returned to Greyhawk.

Kerren’s apparent heir is his oldest son, Roden. His second son, Tark the Stalwart, fell at Cedar Tower a few months before the disaster at Tark’s Tower in The War of Preservation. Kerren has a third son, Badol, who was governor of Fort Talmadge until his recall four years ago.

Kerren’s coat-of-arms is


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Duke Kerren Firedrake

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