Rhogan's Damnable Dale Part I

Lost Witch, Lost Leg

{2013.12.16, Balnor, Hoftar, Cinora, Jeyya, Yoden, Arcmort Doublewizzle, Sugar the Donkey}

12th of Readying

We set out to Rhogan’s Keep in the morn with myself, Cinora, Jeyya and Yoden, Balnor (still the lesser) and his owl, our new friend Arcmort Doublewizzle (a gnome druid), and my donkey, Sugar. Although the skies are grey and drizzling, these are the worst of our worries. We were not attacked by orcs as I expected we would – sometimes you get lucky. I brought two kegs of beer – a nice one for Ariana and a lesser one for the miners, but they didn’t mind and gladly welcomed us yet again.

13th of Readying

The skies had not changed by the morning as we set out again towards Rhogan’s. Along the way we were nearly ambushed by gnolls, but they couldn’t avoid our keen eyes. There were no serious injuries and we walked away with a few half-goat head charms, a nice bag of gold, and a fine bow. One, however, got away and I was worried throughout the day that he would bring his friends to seek revenge.
No other threats appeared along the road, and we snuck around the guard log (or kobold sunbathing log, when the sun is out) where Balnor’s owl espied several hobgoblins and kobolds lazing about. We decided not to try them, since we had bigger goals on our mind.
At Rhogan’s Dale we creeped up to the edge of the brush and looked towards Ariana’s cave. There seemed to be some trouble, as the beasts had set about over the winter and built some hunting blinds around the copses flanking Ariana’s cave. The wizards sent their creatures (well, Balnor sent his – can’t say I’ve ever seen Jeyya’s “Whisper” – might be the wizard-crazies’ve got to her) and confirmed that Ariana was no longer there, but much to our (maybe it was just my) relief Ariana appeared to have left without much hurry. I suspect she has left for her cousin’s refuge, wherever that is.
Without our regular shelter, we deliberated where to stay the night. Our conclusion was to investigate the (former) Jearmeleau cave, which the wizard-pets thought to smell of gnoll. Seeing no other option, we headed there.
Arriving at the entrance, we slew the gnoll guards before they could sound the alarm as well as some gnolls we found digging a room to the side of the entrance. Lining up at the front doors, which were made of sturdy wood, Jeyya suggested we open them, she send a fireball down the hallway, and that Cinora and I close them again.
Now my ma’ always said “Don’t count on your ducks lining up – sometimes they just fuss around and nibble at your fingers and then you wake up with a bad back and half a dozen children wondering where the years gone by.” Not really sure what she meant by most of that, but it’s the reason I’ve seen fit make my living taking my wage from them’s that don’t deserve it than taking that apprenticeship with Deaf Tom the duck rancher back home.
That aside, Ma’ was right – ducks never line up when you push ‘em. The fireball went it, it even took the bastards by surprise, but Cinora and I were caught in the blast. My near-year of hard life had toughened me, so I wasn’t hurt so bad, but it nearly killed Cinora.
The fight inside was even harder – blood and guts mixed with the soil of the gnolls’ industry, the creatures leap from the ceilings and cut off Cinora’s leg, and we choked on the smoke rising from the burning doors. We won, in the end, but it’s hard to say that when your friend has lost a leg. Fortunately, I’ve got the funds saved up to pay for some magic to help her, and we made out with some fair loot, including some superb two-handed swords the likes of which I’d never seen in my life. After testing the blades, I decided to put away Ol’ Cutty the Cleaver and keep one of the gnoll swords with me.
We slept in the cave that night – them’s that could. The severed leg haunted my thoughts.

Hoftar Greycloak

{XP: 672/share; GP: 565.8/share; Cure Med. Wounds to distribute}