Reynolds J. Hathaway

Cleric of Triher- uh... St. Cuthbert


STR: 18 (prime)
CON: 16 (prime)
DEX: 12
WIS: 16 (prime)
INT: 7
CHA: 10
HP: 23
AC: 17 (Plate Mail)


Formerly a cleric of Tritherion, god of liberty (and autonomy, sort of), Reynolds came to Fort Talmadge because he wanted to protect the people from the surrounding wilderness creatures. Along the way, he’s had five broken bones, been killed and risen from death, and had to convert to the church of St. Cuthbert in order to let his friend Hrolfr be raised from the dead. He’s currently resting a twice-broken leg at Rauscham’s.

He wields a great club (his holy symbol) and carries two smaller clubs as well.

He prefers barleywine and has a scruffy unkempt beard.

He’s a half-orc.

Reynolds J. Hathaway

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