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Red Hand Rock Rescue Part I
10-02-11 GM: Lee

Party Members: Liliana, Aramis Darkmoor, Danith, Uwil, Dalgatha]]

The party undertook a trek to the Red Hand Rock to rescue captives and retrieve a valuable statue from the wrecked ship there. We bought a cart and borrowed an ox from a local farmer, hoping that this would help us to get the statue back to Fort Talmadge and not just be an utter nuisance on trail…

The first section of coast road was not too bad. The first thing of note we encountered was a savaged kobold corpse in the road. We took a few potentially useful items (why not when you have a cart?), and proceeded on our way. The second thing of note was a bit more of a problem: a spiked pit trap in the road, complete with rotting dead animal in it. Danith jumped down for a closer look, and let us know that the beast had been a badger, once. While he was down there he pulled up some of the spikes, which we thought might come in useful, while the rest of us cleared a path around the pit for our cart to take.

Maneuvering the cart over the rough road was tiresome work, so we made camp early that night. During the night we were attacked by three orcs and a dog, which Aramis enchanted and is trying to tame and train. (We slew the orcs, of course. Those aren’t remotely trainable.) As we rested during the next day, another of the badger creatures found and attacked the camp. I think it was probably attracted by the rank scent of the dog. We killed it relatively easily and Aramis skinned and butchered it nicely. The pelt would have brought a nice sum of gold if we’d managed to keep it.

The next day as we were passing by an old quarry, we discovered it to be inhabited by kobolds. They were small and lazy, and we came to an agreement that we could pass by, as we were brave badger hunters and orc slayers, and had no interest in disturbing them. Unfortunately Aramis’ adopted hound was not under his control as he claimed. The beast was raised to kill kobolds, and that is what it tried to do as we began to cross in front of the quarry.

We were able to appease the lizardmen, one of whom was badly shaken but not seriously harmed, with an offering of all the armor we had stripped from the orcs we slew, in addition to the badger pelt and meat. They still would not allow us to pass, but only let us retreat up the trail, where we set up camp again and tried to come up with a new plan of attack.

Red Hand Rock Rescue Part II
10-09-11 GM: Lee

Last Time: Dog ran amok at kobold-filled quarry, was christened ‘Otto’ and sometimes ‘Bad Dog’.

Sir Wexton, an old buddy of Danith’s caught up to the party (Aramis, Danith, Dalgatha, Liliana, and myself) as we were readying ourselves to approach the quarry again with hopes of parley. He had heard in the village that we had undertaken a rescue mission and the swiftness of his steed, and lack of a burdensome cart, meant he had little trouble locating us.

A Stranger Comes to Town
Looking for Adventurers

2 Coldeven, 576 CY

It’s a brisk Sunday in Coldeven as spring struggles against the last bite of winter, when a stranger comes to town. Brandishing a silver disc before him, he says that he is Arylnd Dwendaech, a priest of Pholtus of the Blinding Light. Word is that he is hopes to cross over to Fishermen’s point, where there is a ruin of a former monastery of his church. He’s been showing gold coin and jiggling a bag of more for brave folk to accompany him to what folks call the Haunted Monastery.

Lights in the Night on Fishermen's Point
Talk of the town, or at least of the tavern

2 Coldeven, 576

Nobody knows who is lighting a lantern on Fishermen’s point on some evenings lately. Opinions vary – blaming it on the Red Hand Kobolds or saying that the dead on the standing stones up there are restless. Others say no, there are faeries that dance in the ring of standing stones, not the dead from the old cairns. Others say that the dead are restless in the monastery – as evidenced by the stranger that’s come to town.

Goblins stole our oxen!
Poor Betsy and Louie-Lou!

2 Coldeven, 576 CY

A farmer on the edge of the village, Oslade, woke up to racket in the night to find goblins leading away his pair of oxen. Oslade ran to raise the watch, but by the time they arrived all that was left were oxen tracks leading to the water. Where did the oxen go and who will plow Oslade’s fields? Soon it’ll be planting time, what will Oslade do if his oxen aren’t found?

Red Hand Rock Rescue Part III
11-27-11 GM: Lee

Last Time:
We turned right at a Y in the road, heading South-ish rather than inland.
(We being Aramis Darkmoor, Derringer Rollingrock, Danith, and myself, Uwil. Dalgatha, Liliana and Sir Wexton had opted to remain with the cart on the far side of the rope bridge that took the life of our trusty ox.)

Dragging the body

There’s gossip in Raushaw’s inn about those new folk that were dragging the body of their near unconscious lady elf friend about.

Exploring the Rectory
The Bandits Abandon their Home

Characters: Vidal Kornex, Sarah, Danith, Hedrick, Toril, Dorien, Korlinn

Another expedition to the monastery on Fisherman’s Point.

Artifacts of Evil
Upper floor of the Rectory

Characters: Finn, Dalgatha, Hoftar Greycloak, Igneatius, Toril, Dorien, Korlinn.

Returning to the rectory with a new cast of characters, we decided to explore the third floor.