I was there
There I was...

Most Venerable Sir REDACTED,

There I was, in the town establishing a presence and spreading the word of good; when I overheard a group that was looking to explore a goblin cave.

I’ll Take a Fifth of Goodmonth
Booze, Broads, and Broadswords.

It wasn’t a dark or stormy night, it was just a night; a night that turned into a day. A day in which I was down, as usual, to a few coins. Chump change, and I was the chump. Just enough to see me through a few days, and maybe a drink or three, but not much more. I needed a case, an adventure, a something… And that’s when she walked through the door.

I knew the dame was trouble right away, because she was a dwarf, and most dwarves are trouble (that’s why I like them). And also because I knew her name was scandalous, which seemed appropriate enough.

In the Dungeon..
The Master Sleeps Tonight.

Twas murky and durky in the maze, torches penetrating the haze,
Adventurers wishing, upon the gems of yore to lay their gaze.
Down they delved, into the halls, the stones with gaping jaws
They heard the teacup orcs proclaim, tis the Master.. and nothing more.

Cultists? In Talmadge?
But they were quiet, nice people.

Gossip is aflutter that adventurers broke in to the Wessen family’s shack at the edge of the water, and that some time thereafter guards lead by Davenne herself entered. Some said that the adventurers were lead by a half-orc, some said in a trance, others said she was “sniffing the air”. Regardless, it is a matter of record that Davenne has declared the Wessen family “under suspicion” and that any information leading to their arrest will be rewarded by order of the Duke himself.

Cleansing the Cave

Well, I had heard that my friends had found caves near the fortress of Rogahn filled with uneducated goblinkin. It also seemed that nearby dwelled a sister of the faith. After a pleasant a insightful meeting with Arianna, we set out to reenter the previously explored goblin caves.

Haruch's Journal Entry 7

(Early Reaping)

Fresh with information about the necromancers I signed on to an expedition to the ancient abbey.

Haruch's Journal Entry 6

5th of Richfest
Hoftar one of the local rangers was seeking allies to support a local druidic festival at a nearby set of standing stones on the solstice, it seemed like an interesting slice of local culture, but turned out to be much more than that.

Haruch's Journal Entry 5

16th Wealsun

A ghost ship was brought into the harbor, and given a general lack of manpower we were unwilling to tackle any of the large adventure sites, and we were allowed to take a look around the ship and found evidence the crew had abandoned ship. Traveling down the coast we quickly found the site where they had taken the life boat, along with substantial amounts of blood.

Intrigued, and aware of the potential value of the reward should we rescue the crew and return to them their ship we set out across the swamp in pursuit of the crew, apparently taken captive by forces unknown.

A Very Big Catch
Mysterious Happenings on the Water (14 Wealsun)

The morning of the 14th of Wealsun brings strange news.

Snake head on a stick
The snake lost more than its skin

What will Esmerald bring back next?
Earthday, 13th of Wealsun