A Very Big Catch

Mysterious Happenings on the Water (14 Wealsun)

The morning of the 14th of Wealsun brings strange news. Erlon is a fisherman renowned for leaving harbor in the cold and dark before the sun rises. He claims that his routine this morning was not unusual, until he noticed the Vayu. The Vayu is a small trading vessel out of Greyhawk, who stops periodically at Fort Talmadge. She usually brings the usual trade goods — metalwork, foodstuffs, ceramics. Erlon noticed that this morning, she was navigating erratically. When hailed, no one responded. Further investigation showed that the boat was deserted. Her cargo was intact, but there was no sign of her crew or their sea chests, and there was no sign of a struggle aboard the boat.

Erlon and a couple of other fishing boats towed Vayu in to harbor. Maritime law states that the boat and cargo belong to them if no legal owner makes a claim. Rumor has it that Erlon has three shares and the other two fishermen each have one…but if the owner comes forward, that may not matter. If no owner is found, all three will be rich by the local standards. There are rumors that Erlon dispatched the crew of Vayu in the night, but most folk give them little credence.