Mr Hobgoblin, Tear Down Your Palisade

The Fall of the Wooden Curtain

Resting up, having breakfast served by Arianna’s zombies, we concocted a cunning plan.
It was gonna go like this:
We dressed up a zombie to look like Arianna, and fixed Korlyn to look like one as well. The idea was to head up the hill into cover. Later, we’d hopefully be able to sneak up on the palisade.

And we made it out. A few goblin sentries ran in the direction of their presumed main cave. But we made it to cover.

We heard a whistle and snuck down to check it out. Hoftar was in the lead, with myself a bit behind and then the rest of the group. The goblins had sent some dudes to look into the woods, but we were able to hide from them. Hoftar evaded them and saw that a bugbear was leading two hobgoblins and some goblins toward Arianna’s cave.

So now was the time to strike. We snuck back down, same formation. Keep formation! Stay frosty.

Success – while there were some less than stellar moments, Hoftar liquified a goblin, Vanna shot a hobgoblin, the zombies killed and Korlin was three for three on killing goblins with his sling.

We took the palisade in time for Hoftar to shoot a fleeing bugbear in the back and contribute to Arianna’s defense of her cave. But it looked like a number of her zombies were destroyed in the battle. So sad, to die twice I guess.

From the palisade, we found 38 silver, 12 gold, 1 shortbow, 1 longbow, 1 long composite bow, 2 battle axes, 2 large metal shields, 2 scale mail and 1 silver horn incorporated into the demon tattoo on one of the hobgoblins (30gp).

We went after the retreating goblins, leaving Arianna her surviving (?) zombies to defend her. Zombie and skeleton donkey went about destroying the palisade.

On the trail, we found one hobgoblin that had fallen into their own spiked pit trap. About 200’ into the brush trail, it split and we saw the cave entrance. We heard them complaining about losing the fight, and saying that they had to talk to the kobolds for help.

So we tried to kill them. The hobgoblin and the goblin got off a shot but Hoftar skewered one and Dorien charged the goblin impaling him on his spear. Ah, we got 5gp, 10 sp, longbow, large metal shield.

Silly hobgoblins, they were living in a crude earthen cave with wooden supports. We found deer skins lining the first part of the cave – behind which was a braced passage. Tricky goblins. We killed two goblins in a passage, and then heard more coming. So Hoftar hid in their room, replacing the deer skin while the rest of us left the cave and took cover.
We picked off some goblins and then they came around the corner. After a fierce battle which knocked Korlin unconscious and Dorien down to 4. So we had to pull back after teaching those gobbers a lesson. Not that we didn’t need some learnin’ ourselves I suppose.

Leader type: spear, short composite bow, 8 sp, 6 gp, an amulet/talisman carved pentagram of ivory, vial of green liquid, crate of deer skins, needles for leatherworking, and 12 more deer skins

Total Loot:
1 shortbow,
2 longbow
1 long composite bow
2 battle axes
3 large metal shields
2 scale mail
Short composite bow
An amulet/talisman carved pentagram of ivory,
vial of green liquid
crate of deer skins (left at Arianna’s? Would she zombiefy them into ghostly deer sheets?)
needles for leatherworking,
12 more deer skins

56 sp
23 gp
1 silver horn incorporated into the demon tattoo on one of the hobgoblins (30gp).