Strange Catch

Look what Esmerald brought back this time

Sunday, 2nd of Wealsun

Overheard inRaushaw’s Tavern.

Raushaw pulled the tap handle back. “Ayaup, that was quite the strange catch you brought back this time, Esmerald”

“Twasn’t my fault, Raushaw. I wouldn’t lets them put those bodies in my boat. They wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s scary, the things they must do over there.”

“Sure is, Esmer. But a sack of bodies and bones? And then they hauled it out of the water and drug it through the streets, still dripping, to Clamella,” Raushaw said with wide eyes.

“Ayaup,” nodded Esmerald solemly. But her face then turned to a grin, “Seeing as they bring gold out of there too, I charge them more, Raushaw. So I can pay tonight.”

“You better” he replied with eyes narrowed in mock authority. “Old Malimb claims he saw the pretty one coming out of the keep with a heavy bag of the Duke’s gold. So, what do you think? Does Davenne pay them to go over there, or do they sell something to her?”

“Oh, you got Malimb telling you stories about the pretty one, do you?” winked Esmerald as she drank down Raushaw’s ale. “Don’t know what it would have been that they sold. Noting big brought back, except them bodies.”