Snake head on a stick

The snake lost more than its skin

What will Esmerald bring back next?
Earthday, 13th of Wealsun
Fisherfolk jokes at Rausham’s lately involve what kind of nets or bait Esmerald must be using, but of course this ‘catch’ was brought in by Hoftar and Beuregard, that new fella that looks like he just came in from the Golden Plains. Rausham’s is getting fine business from folk just looking to gawk at the new taxidermy, but it is dubious if they remain long with the new tale teller spinning yarns about dwarven architecture.

Elsewhere in town, snakeskin is now the new height of fashion, as Lady Davenne was so impressed with the kill that she ordered a new pair of archery gloves with matching belt and boots from the skin. One particularly corpulent import export merchant, the local Greyhawk merchant guild representative, was heard to joke that it was about time someone could make a belt for him from one piece of leather. Truly this was a giant snake!

The snake wasn’t all they brought back. Another refugee was also found, an elf that was a companion to the gnome brought back the other day. Rausham’s rooms are now bursting with little folk. Both were heard inquiring about when the next ship from Greyhawk would be in.

While these ‘adventurers’ are bringing people back, others have disappeared. Most folk are enjoying the gold being spent by them. But there are some questions about what happened to the three strangely dressed travelers who purchased a boat and have not been seen from again.