Artifacts of Evil

Upper floor of the Rectory

Characters: Finn, Dalgatha, Hoftar Greycloak, Igneatius, Toril, Dorien, Korlinn.

Returning to the rectory with a new cast of characters, we decided to explore the third floor. Listening at the door before entering, we heard the scratching of vermin. Dalgatha was in the lead. She was soon attacked by a spider and charged to attack it. In the ensuing chaos, a nest of rats was disturbed. By the time the room was cleaned out and the various crates searched, we had slain the spider, some rats, and a giant centipede. For our efforts, we were rewarded with 10 Pholtan paintings, 20 silver chalices, 30 bronze disks of Pholtus’ symbol, and 2 boxes of incense.

At the other end of the room was a well-secured door made of wood and reinforced heavily with iron. Toril, searching for traps, set off some loud bells. We vacated to the parlor downstairs and waited a few minutes. Returning upstairs, we were set upon by a band of giant rats. Igneatius’ timely use of a Sleep put them to rest, and excellent bandaging jobs by Dalgatha and Korlinn defused the infectious bites.

Opening the door, we found 4 chests flanked by 2 sets of shelves. The shelves were mostly empty but did have 2 vile statuettes of Orcus, a ceremonial dagger, and a large key of bone (Bone Key A). Toril opened 3 of the chests, and we found a total of 5 black leather books and an ornate skull wrapped in velvet that radiated magic. Toril’s lockpick broke on the third chest. The fourth chest also radiated magic. After investigating it, we elected to return to town with the chest intact. A good thing, too.

After returning to town, we went to see the priestess at the Church of Pelor. She determined that the items were all evil (surprise) and that the books were written in Suel. She sent for Sephira to look over the books, which turned out to be all on necromantic topics. We burned the books and melted down the dagger and smashed the statuettes. Both Sephira and the priestess thought that the skull and the evil in the chest should be destroyed but neither knew how to accomplish it.

After some debate, the party consulted Arlynd, who seemed eager to take the artifacts back to his home temple in the Theocracy of the Pale and see that they were taken care of there. Eventually, the party decided to take a boat for Greyhawk City with the plan to turn the items over to the temple of Pholtus there (as well as sell the holy symbols and chalices).