All that glitters isn't gold!

The talk in town this end of Goodmonth is how Esmerald flew the “death on the water” flag while sailing back to town. Clamella met her boat at the docks to find a boat of dead adventurers – all from poison on the wealth they brought back. One lived of the 5 that had set out – a lonely half orc name of Mug.

The half orc was near death as well, only able to whisper the words “Bad room” before Clamella began casting to stop the poison wasting away at Mug.

That’s put the kibosh on many that dreamed of wealth in the dungeons across the water. While others had died plumbing those depths, whole trips even, these were adventurers like Hrolfr and Reynolds who had successfully returned with fortunes.

Apparently, the “Bad Room” was in the goblin over-run dwarven mine, and that the ‘bad room’ contained great but deadly treasure.

Many thought Mug was gone forever, never to return after getting on the ship to Greyhawk, taking the salted-down bodies of two friends. While odd, everyone thought it was for a burial back in whatever home those half orcs had. So it was quite the surprise that 6 weeks later all three returned to the land of the living and Fort Talmadge!

Apparently, Mug HAD to return, if only so that the rumors could be corrected and the name Mug was on everyone’s lips and not the diminutive “Mugs.”