In the Dungeon..

The Master Sleeps Tonight.

Twas murky and durky in the maze, torches penetrating the haze,
Adventurers wishing, upon the gems of yore to lay their gaze.
Down they delved, into the halls, the stones with gaping jaws
They heard the teacup orcs proclaim, tis the Master.. and nothing more.

Cunning and tricksey, they arrived with one hand and just one eye
With a little lie, the half human exclaimed, “There’s one master, only I.”
The two greenskings agreed, and made to appease but not to tease,
Their new master by promising to do their best, to convert the rest.

The gaggle of goblins did nary believe, and made to attack no reprieve.
And in a blink, they showed their fetish (not the kind you think)!
As luck saved the day (or at least my ass), swords swung with sass.
The mage and the cleric did the rest, and showed the ’skins who was best.

Heroic heroes, high on victory, continued on to surely make history,
Came upon a daunting door, with giggles heard inside, and nothing more…
Curiosity came calling, and with caution quickly waning, door flung open!
Only to find lips upon the floor. Lush laughing lips, and nothing more.

The rest is a little muddled, for Toril says I was befuddled..
at least I got a nap? Just a nap… and nothing more…

In the Dungeon,
the mighty Dungeon,
The Master sleeps tonight.
In the Dungeon,
the deadly Dungeon,
Hrolfr sleeps tonight.


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In the Dungeon..