I was there

There I was...

Most Venerable Sir REDACTED,

There I was, in the town establishing a presence and spreading the word of good; when I overheard a group that was looking to explore a goblin cave. Realizing this as an adventure in which to show the power of our God REDACTED, I offered to accompany them. My mace, holy spells, armor and shield ready to defend the faith!

I was there, when the undead hordes attacked! I was there, when the ghoul paralyzing some of our members, while the other undead nearly killed two. I stood tall, raised my trusty mace and holy symbol and turned them saving our group! And I was there when the mage unleashed her devastating power and cleansed the area with fire!

I was there when we rushed into the goblin caves, behind a group of gnolls! I was there when we destroyed the gnolls and rushed into the horde of Goblins and their vicious allies! I was .. sort of there, when I undoubtedly, single handedly stopped the flaming face on the altar and took down the rest of the scoundrels. I’m pretty sure I was there when I stepped in front of the men-at-arms assisting us, and blocked them from damage while healing them at the same time! And, most assuredly I was possibly there when I also saved the monk and ranger again as well. I was also probably there, to raise the mage back to life at the end of our glorious battle!

Kindest, and humblest regards,
Your eternal servant,

Fisser Visenti