Haruch's Journal Entry 7

(Early Reaping)

Fresh with information about the necromancers I signed on to an expedition to the ancient abbey.
Previous ventures had encountered several buildings built on the corrupted ground. Usiing the known layout of the existing prominent buildings we were able accurately predict (we believe) the location of the 5th tower, as we found a circular site in the predicted area that was devoid of the lush grasses common on the rest of the hill.

Entering the building reffered to as the rectory we encountered a group of cultists, this time devoted to Vecna, they like the followers of Orcus, reffered to being called by some unkown master, who was summoning them to the area. We captured one of the cultists and returned him to the town guard. Before heading back into the ruins a day later. He also told us of the nearby ruined tower under which was a conglomeration of cultists (Posers and Heretics as he reffered to them), He cited followers of Wee Jas, Orcus, and Incabulous as inhabiting said tower.

In our second foray we continued in the path of some previous exploration finding the room of seemingly infinite undead, and going around found a previously undiscovered path to the room of infinite undead.

We did arrive at the individual that the locals call the scribe. Apparently the last follower of Pholtus to be alive in this place, a madman with some sort of cursed or divine nature, who scrawls the truth of Pholtus on literally anything (the Mountain man Beauregard agreed to be tattooed, and was magically blessed by it, though at what cost?). I did get a few seemingly interesting snips of the massive amount of writing present in the two great rooms of the ancient scriptorium that the scribe inhabits (Overleaf).

The scribe told us some of the story of the fall of the abbey. In the reign of Chedddin Theocrat of the Pale the Abbot of this place sent Augulf, Knight of the Gloaming, to take the Lantern of Pholtus down to the lair of the necromancers, to win the battle against this local evil once and for all. It apprers he failed.

“Beyond the Undying(Trns) Chamber, Beyond the Sealed door, Beyond the Staircase to the realm of the Necromancers.”

Unwiling to go through the sea of undead to follow the Knight of the Gloaming we continued down a side chamber and retired after an ambush by ghouls (as with the ghouls in the tomb of Megon Ya’me these ghouls appear to have a tattoo indicating they are servants of some “king of Ghouls”.