Haruch's Journal Entry 6

5th of Richfest
Hoftar one of the local rangers was seeking allies to support a local druidic festival at a nearby set of standing stones on the solstice, it seemed like an interesting slice of local culture, but turned out to be much more than that.

It was explained to us that portals would open in the local standing stones, and some contained known hostile elements, the druids and lay worshippers would perform their ritual and slay things that came out from the depths. There were 6 stones, and two would open portals it appeared to friendly forces who would assist. We agreed to enter one of the remaining portals, and ensure that northing from inside would come out to be a threat.

The portal appeared to open to an ancient barrow, and inside immediately inside we found a great megalith that described those who were buried within (overleaf), at the time our translation was incomplete but we were able to confirm it later, as shall be described.

The brief story was that this was the tomb of Magon-Ya’me, betrayer of his people, cursed to endlessly battle the necromancers who he had betrayed his people to.

Taking one of the ancient flint spears for curiosity we pressed on and encountered a tribe of ancient Flan who called themselves the children of Magon-Ya’me, we later discerned they were undead, though that was not immediately apparent. We did battle with them briefly over our association with a necromancer (actually just a wizard, but the distinction was lost on them). I was able to talk the situation down before any serious harm occurred, and they explained that they had just entered the tomb to hunt down the necromancers.

Now it appears they have lived this same day for centuries, perhaps millennia. We proved ourselves to them by hunting down some ghouls, and they agreed to lead us to Magon Ya’me himself.

The leader of the ancient people was a magnificent picture, truly a hero of an ancient age, we spent many hours hearing his story (full transcription follows), which did differ from the great megalith in only reasonable ways (less explicit talk of betrayal). We learned the great dirge of his tribe (song lyrics and music follows), and of his great enemies.

Five Suel Necromancers tricked the Flan into an alliance and had established a series towers and were raiding the burial tombs of the Flan people who occupied the region (I estimate this would be ~1000 years ago, +-100). Whether the necromancers were responsible for the undead corruption now common in the region, or were drawn to it is not entirely clear, but they established 5 towers on the nearby site that appears to be currently the undead infested abbey. (I lean towards the cause argument, as there is no evidence from the dwarfen ruins or the Flan that this ancient evil was present before the coming of the necromancers). (Aside the Children were aware of the local dwarf settlement, that was apparently active but in decline in their era).

The necromancers were Nerepak, Koronkeh, Naterash, Sharezeh, and Ghaved-seng. We do not know what patron they followed perhaps more than one.