Haruch's Journal Entry 5

16th Wealsun

A ghost ship was brought into the harbor, and given a general lack of manpower we were unwilling to tackle any of the large adventure sites, and we were allowed to take a look around the ship and found evidence the crew had abandoned ship. Traveling down the coast we quickly found the site where they had taken the life boat, along with substantial amounts of blood.

Intrigued, and aware of the potential value of the reward should we rescue the crew and return to them their ship we set out across the swamp in pursuit of the crew, apparently taken captive by forces unknown. Cross country travel in the swamp is decidedly unpleasant, but luckily we were following the path cut by those ahead of us, a bloody path that plowed through a fair number of the goblins of the swamp. We were able to discern that the group we were following had split into two, though travelling in the same direction, and we suspected, later confirmed, that the main group was made up primarily of zombies (of the crew of the ship as it would turn out).

We evaded the hazards of the swamp, passed by a rather prominent crypt across the river, but being in a hurry let it pass and came to the first sign of those were following coming out the worse for wear in an exchange with the local goblins. An apparent wizard lay dead, mostly but not efficiently looted, his injured companions had fled, and the goblins left a fair number of corpses.

Ambush! We walked right into the wizards waiting companions, and came out the worse for wear, though as it works out better than them. We were able to force a surrender, and bring our elfin ranger back from the brink of death with the help of our new ‘captives’. They were following their former employer, a dwarf necromancer, in the attempt to receive the payment they had been cheated. Seeing they had considerable prowess, we convinced them to join with us towards that goal.

As it happens we followed the necromancer to the base of monastery hill where we were assaulted by a horde of undead, were it not for the valiance of our new companions, Fourin and Mannar (SP?), we likely would have fell, knowing we could no longer face the necromancer should we find him we turned back, with the valuable jewels in the possession of the undead.

P.S. We discovered that the ships rutter and articles of incorporation had been taken by the goblins when they slew the wizard, and were able to negotiate a purchase of said document for a modest fee.

P.P.S. I was able to parley the documents into a partial ownership of the vessel, and convince the local fisherman who had found the boat to take a payout rather than go before a magistrate in Greyhawk to determine rightful ownership of the ship. The sale of our interest in the ship and cargo made a tidy sum for the fisherman and ourselves.