Cleansing the Cave

Well, I had heard that my friends had found caves near the fortress of Rogahn filled with uneducated goblinkin. It also seemed that nearby dwelled a sister of the faith. After a pleasant a insightful meeting with Arianna, we set out to reenter the previously explored goblin caves.
We set aside our early plan to find and ambush the advance guards and repeated the earlier up and around approach. We were apparently discovered as we approached causing a goblin to exclaim and come out to investigate. He was overcome by the glory of the Ruby Lady, and chose to join our expedition and attempt to convince his fellows to do the same. This ‘Fritz’ was articulate and helpful. He guided us through our first meeting with the hobgoblin oppressors and into the tainted sanctum of Maglubiyet at the heart of the cave. We awarded him the dagger of the slain goblin king and pressed on. In the temple the battle was fierce dropping the thief Marrat, the ever helpful Faurin, and nearly the rest of us. However the bravery of Fritz and the insight of my patron won through. Three priests of the dark god fell, as did several hobgoblin and bugbear servants. We sacked the sanctum, and made our way back through the caves to Arianna’s abode. Fritz has chosen to follow the path of magic and seems a reasonable study. I hope he also turns to the power of law and what is good in the world.

GM EDIT: Marrat is laid up for some length of time after barely surviving his traumatic wounds. He is also considering taking up a less risky profession than adventurer.