The Foreshadowing Beaver
In which a beaver foreshadows Derringer's Near Death Experience

15 Planting, CY 576

In which Hoftar and Derringer drag Dorien and Korlin away up around Monastery Hill, toward the Red Mine and get lost looking for Rhogan’s Keep. While orcs lighting strange fires were avoided and beavers were vanquished, spiders nearly claimed their second death.

The Search for Sheep
Much ado about mutton

13 Planting, CY 576

In which Derringer Rollingrock, Danith, Hedrick and Hoftar Graycloak drag Korlyn and Dorien through the woods looking for sheep and finding goblins that knew more than we did, undead near Monastery Hill, and a scary scary demon wolf in a golden collar.

The Great Goblin Grotto
What have those fisherfolk been drinking?

9 Planting, CY 576.

Loose talk in the taverns is that the fisherfolk have found a “great goblin grotto” in the side of the cliffs off Fishermen’s point. The “discussion” differs on whether it’s always been there, various explanations as to why it is there now including a “gargantuan gobbler”, or if the fishermen have been drinking too much of that bitter stuff Raushaw calls ale. Other “discussion” proceeds as to whether the Duke’s men should deal with this threat pronto, or if Fort Talmadge would be better off getting assistance from the City of Greyhawk. A few of these “debaters” have found themselves sleeping it off in a cell.

Sheep, continued
Lions and Tigers and ..

Oh my!

The herders have begun to avoid the pastures to the northwest of town. After a few days of calm, a shepherd who was grazing his flock to the north of town returned in a state of high alarm. He claims that his dog was set upon by a giant fire-breathing bear. The poor pooch was slain, and his flock scattered to the four winds. He has been afraid to return to the area to bring in the stragglers.

The Poor Defenseless Sheep
a slaughter of innocents

[EDIT: Situation resolved with the slaying of The Demon Wolf]

Garrol the shepherd lost about a dozen sheep last night to the northwest of town. He was gathering his flock to bring them in, but his dog was scared and wouldn’t gather a portion of the flock. Garrol went down the hill to gather them himself, only to find them under attack from a fearsome animal. He fled with the rest of his flock.

Artifacts of Evil
Upper floor of the Rectory

Characters: Finn, Dalgatha, Hoftar Greycloak, Igneatius, Toril, Dorien, Korlinn.

Returning to the rectory with a new cast of characters, we decided to explore the third floor.

Exploring the Rectory
The Bandits Abandon their Home

Characters: Vidal Kornex, Sarah, Danith, Hedrick, Toril, Dorien, Korlinn

Another expedition to the monastery on Fisherman’s Point.

Dragging the body

There’s gossip in Raushaw’s inn about those new folk that were dragging the body of their near unconscious lady elf friend about.

Red Hand Rock Rescue Part III
11-27-11 GM: Lee

Last Time:
We turned right at a Y in the road, heading South-ish rather than inland.
(We being Aramis Darkmoor, Derringer Rollingrock, Danith, and myself, Uwil. Dalgatha, Liliana and Sir Wexton had opted to remain with the cart on the far side of the rope bridge that took the life of our trusty ox.)

Goblins stole our oxen!
Poor Betsy and Louie-Lou!

2 Coldeven, 576 CY

A farmer on the edge of the village, Oslade, woke up to racket in the night to find goblins leading away his pair of oxen. Oslade ran to raise the watch, but by the time they arrived all that was left were oxen tracks leading to the water. Where did the oxen go and who will plow Oslade’s fields? Soon it’ll be planting time, what will Oslade do if his oxen aren’t found?


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