A Very Big Catch
Mysterious Happenings on the Water (14 Wealsun)

The morning of the 14th of Wealsun brings strange news.

Snake head on a stick
The snake lost more than its skin

What will Esmerald bring back next?
Earthday, 13th of Wealsun

Haruchanar's Journal Entry 4

Entry 4, 12th of Wealsun

We have set out again to the undead portion of the River of Mithril.

Haruchanar's Journal Entries 2 and 3

Entry 2, 7th of Wealsun

We set sail by skiff to another lost site in the region today, going past what I believe is the other ‘monastery’. Apparently some sort of movement of the earth has revealed an ancient dwarfen dock, that leads to a place that the writing above the entryway terms the River of Mithril.

Haruchanar's Journal Entry 1
I am uncertain if this was our destination

3-5 Wealsun
This is written after the fact and I do apologize, while I am accustomed to working my passage aboard sailing ships, I seem to have fallen in with a rougher than average crew, and the disappearance of several items, most regrettably, though not solely, my journal. And I arrived in town nearly penniless.

Strange Catch
Look what Esmerald brought back this time

Sunday, 2nd of Wealsun

Overheard inRaushaw’s Tavern.

Mr Hobgoblin, Tear Down Your Palisade
The Fall of the Wooden Curtain

Resting up, having breakfast served by Arianna’s zombies, we concocted a cunning plan.

Roaming for Roghans
Hoftar and Derringer meet the Gothy Priestess at the Hobgoblin Palisade

Grazak Half-lip washed up in Rausham’s and so we hired him as extra beef for the trip to Roghan’s Keep, if we could find it. And we did – though the tale grows in the telling.

The Foreshadowing Beaver
In which a beaver foreshadows Derringer's Near Death Experience

15 Planting, CY 576

In which Hoftar and Derringer drag Dorien and Korlin away up around Monastery Hill, toward the Red Mine and get lost looking for Rhogan’s Keep. While orcs lighting strange fires were avoided and beavers were vanquished, spiders nearly claimed their second death.

The Search for Sheep
Much ado about mutton

13 Planting, CY 576

In which Derringer Rollingrock, Danith, Hedrick and Hoftar Graycloak drag Korlyn and Dorien through the woods looking for sheep and finding goblins that knew more than we did, undead near Monastery Hill, and a scary scary demon wolf in a golden collar.


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